Working Girl (the positive denotation)

I’m getting jobs all of a sudden. Nothing big, but nothing small either.
Let me explain: I just graduated with my BA in LIt from UC Merced. I thought I’d be serving coffee by now, or at least everyone else thought I would be. I’ve always known I would make it, failure isn’t an option if I say it isn’t. And if you’ve read my other posts here on, you know I’ve gotten an experience only gig reviewing a couple of cool fantasy books. And that’s awesome! I’m really stoked about that.
Then, my beloved roommate recommended me as stand-in pet-sitter for a guy she usually pet-sits for. She’s going out of town at the same time he is, so of course, she couldn’t be there for him, and Raffy. So I’m going to go feed the sweet old pup and play a little fetch with him and basically hang out. Pretty cool, no?
Out of the blue I got my first job in publishing today; my friend from high school has an older brother. He just happens to need a proofreader for his book on guitar tab. She being the amazing friend that she is, suggested me. As a proofreader. For an e-book. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it because I was focusing all my efforts on summer school, but it’s a step in the right direction!


Handle Me

Well, I don’t like to be cold, ever. But at least when it’s cold I can bundle up, I can’t take my skin off when I’m hot. Haha…I’m good at telling bad jokes eh? I’m a bookworm who loves Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m definitely a literature major… I may fantasize about being Mrs. Darcy and a world-class chef, but I’m ok at baking at least. I think I whip up a pretty good apple pie. I like to have friends over, but I rarely party at home… I don’t find it respectful to be loud and obnoxious when everyone else isn’t in a fun, exuberant mood.

I am pretty quiet in general. I can be shy, but I try to fake not being shy; my parents always quoted, “Fake it ’til you make it” to me when I was little. I don’t really know what quirks I have…though I’m sure I have them…I am not a perfectionist by any means, though I am a bit of a writing tutor. However, some might say grammar Nazi… I’m not really sure who I am at this point, I will be 22 next week, I love all kinds of music–especially classic rock–but I’m a country girl at heart, deep down I know I should be driving a Chevy truck, not a Honda accord, but the mpg is just sooooo much better for a broke college girl. I’m probably the quintessential confused American girl….I love all things European, and I wish I were already fluent in German and French….I like to turn the heater on when it gets below 60 inside; I’m always freezing for some reason….and I will get songs stuck in your head….

Anything else you’d like to know? I feel like I bared my soul to a complete stranger, but I’m sometimes a writer…I guess that’s what we do….

Also, I like to dance and eat all kinds of different food; my faves are Mexican, Indian, and Thai (pad Thai to be specific). I’ve been in Merced for four years, but I’m originally from Sacramento….I prefer things that have value…price doesn’t matter unless the product or experience doesn’t merit the expense….I would also prefer to shop locally, but sometimes there are things you can’t get locally…and I’m ok with that too.