Working Girl (part 2)

Hey there friends, here’s a quick update for you:
So I’ve recently started working as an unpaid intern for Keyreads LLC. I’m supposed to write five 300+ word articles per week, which doesn’t seem too difficult. At least it shouldn’t be for a young woman who just wants to write and read and be allowed to look at fashion blogs and magazines, right?
Soooo wrong. I am a grad student; I’m supposed to read for like 20 hours per week, which leaves me brain-dead. I don’t know what else to write about other than what I’m reading. Not to even mention the pain I find myself in after too long reading or on the computer. Stupid weak eyes…
But really, the main problem is I truly don’t know how to choose what to write for them. My supervisor is not giving me much direction. I sometimes wish I were doing an internship where I needed to be in the office instead of doing it all online. But I’m giving it my best and trying to get my butt in gear because this is a great opportunity.
For now, I get to write about books, but hopefully they’ll let me start writing about fashion too. My supervisor said the company may by a website where I can write about fashion, which would be awesome because then I’d be able to write about fashion and books every week.
Anyway, here’s a link to my first article: