not much time for blogging these days

So I haven’t had much time for blogging these days, at least, not on my own page. It’s been all about for me lately. I really enjoy it, but I’ve been really bad about writing my articles on time. I know my procrastination needs to stop and I need to study smarter for grad school and all that so I can focus on work. Because I’d ideally like to do more research to make my articles more relevant so that they’ll get more hits when I post them.

I’ve been procrastinating most by being on Pinterest, if you care to know. That and of course, Gmail and Facebook.

Another thing: I have two job interviews coming up. One with some San Francisco Start-up where I’d be a paid intern and one with Macy’s for a beauty advisor position. And I need to remember to apply at Crossroads on Irving St this week!