Glorious Roasted “Winter Vegetables”

So I made a glorious dinner to make up for my terrible lunch. It tastes fresh and simple and did I mention glorious? And it was simple to make and as I write…it may become cold…

Hold that thought!

Brussels Sprouts and Quinoa IMG_0314[1]Ok now that I’ve done the eating-my-dinner part, I’ll tell you what it was:  roasted “winter vegetables” in Thyme, garlic and butter. All on top of a small portion of quinoa (keen-wah). And oh boy was it ever glorious. I cannot stop saying that. It may well be the ONLY thing I actually say in this blog…

I cut up potatoes and baby carrots so that they were about the same size and fried/steamed them in a pan of hot butter whilst boiling quinoa per directions (boil 10 minutes, cover for five with the heat off, then “fluff”). I also par-boiled some Brussels sprouts, and I have to say if you think you do not like them, it is probably because they were over-cooked. They are supposed to have a warm, nutty kind of vegetable flavor. They are not supposed to taste like…farts or perhaps skunk? Anyhow, apparently when you over-cook them they give off a sulphuric taste/smell.

However, I didn’t overcook my Brussels sprouts, I added them to my potatoes and thyme and carrots and commenced fry/steaming them as well. Then I spooned my veggies out over the quinoa. I was all set to eat, when I realized that I hadn’t added the garlic! So what did I do, you ask? I put another healthy serving of butter into my pan and got it all liquidy and then put that darn garlic in there and made it all golden and beautiful. I didn’t brown it mind you, that would be over-cooking garlic, which gets tough and boring. I poured this lovely garlicky butter over my quinoa and vegetables, et voila! Dinner was served!

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