Yorkshire Pudding and the Poorly Ended Day…

bad day, bad dinner IMG_0338[1]

Dinner tonight was ALMOST delicious…
I am of course, not a trained chef, but sometimes I experiment and get things so right it’s unbelievable. Other nights, I get it so wrong that my food is nigh on inedible…
Tonight was one of the latter…I had a wonderful idea, but it just didn’t work out. I made Yorkshire Pudding, the name of which is really rather deceiving if you are not of british origins. I am not, neither my german grandmother nor my American grandmother could probably have told me what to expect in making this recipe. Not that I asked, so I could be spreading falsehoods. In fact, they are both really good cooks, so maybe they could’ve told me…but I had it from a youtube video that Yorkshire pudding is actually the same recipe she uses to make pancakes with. Anyhow, Yorkshire pudding is NOT like American puddings. So don’t make it expecting to have something hostess or whoever would make in those little plastic cups. It IS reminiscent of the big fluffy pancake/german pancake I wrote about a few days ago…which I totally spaced and didn’t make that, or a loaf of banana bread, when my mom visited on Sunday. Of course the visit was somewhat impromptu and very unplanned, so I blame nobody for that.
Also, I just cleaned the oven out at my house. The people who I’m renting from have apparently never cleaned the thing out the whole time they’ve lived here: it had lord knows what caked on all over…and elbow grease didn’t cut it! I had to use “oven cleaner” spray, which made me nervous because I can only imagine what kind of nasty stuff those sprays have in them… but the company prescribed a lot of rinsing and sponging, so I guess it was probably safe enough.
Anyhow, my Yorkshire pudding turned out alright, although I didn’t put it in a cupcake pan like the recipe recommended, I put it in a mini loaf pan. And it was eggy tasting and deflated like a soufflé, which was surprising and disappointing. I think I also didn’t have the oven temperature up high enough at first, because youre supposed to have it quite high and then turn it down. Something to do with puffing it up maybe?
What went really just disgustingly was the sauce I made for my chicken/ Yorkshire pudding. I made a marinated chicken breast, with this recipe I found a few weeks ago, and I apparently did not have the right ingredients. Nor did I have any clue how one deglazes with red wine vinegar. It’s possible too that I just ended up with altogether too much vinegar since the recipe calls for balsamic and I was trying to be clever by adding strawberries and red wine vinegar at the end of the recipe. I did many things, including adding red-colored sugar to add flavor and color…
Needless to say, not all experiements are a success…but it does suck when you’re results are you dinner and you’re a broke-ass graduate student who doesn’t want to trash an entire meal for the sake of her blog. Aka I ate most of my crap dinner because I’m too cheap to throw it out. And besides the Brussels sprouts were decent, as was the half of the Yorkshire pudding on which I put leftowver gravy instead of the pink sauce.


I just want to add one more picture of something that IS a pudding of sorts: for breakfast, I daily make quinoa pudding. It consists of warm, freshly boiled quinoa dumped into a slightly smaller amount of honey-flavored Greek yogurt. It is delicious. Yes, I said it again. Delish!

quinoa pudding and berries
quinoa pudding and berries

One thought on “Yorkshire Pudding and the Poorly Ended Day…

  1. Comments from dear ol’ Mom. Even if not every meal turns out fabulous, your daring and creativity are a success! I would never have deviated from a recipe when I was young because I had no self confidence. The fact that you are spending time experimenting prior to getting any professional training as a chef is also fantastic. Now when you go you will have a history in the kitchen to build on. Trust me, going in with a clean slate is difficult and overwhelming. For inspiration, look up how many tries it took for Colonel Sanders to get his recipe right =)

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