Trying New Food and Giants of the Bay

Trying New Things

French Onion Soup and Brussels Sprouts
French Onion Soup and Brussels Sprouts
Touching a baby Ray
Touching a baby Ray

I just finished catching up on the latest How I met Your Mother with my boyfriend and the episodes were as per usual, hilarious. This was a post my-mom-left-after-visiting-for-the-weekend, watching-TV-online-while-my-boyfriend-watches-at-his-own-place good, ol’-fashioned television date. Haha, oh my goodness.
Anywho, my mom left around 10.30pm, so I hope she’s home safe now. We went all over, exploring the City and eating sushi and all kinds of other fun activities. And we totally spent two hours at the aquarium today because I couldn’t get enough of the salty marine critters. I love sharks, Sturgeon, and all those other cool looking giant fish. The aquarium had three Giant Sea Bass, which I got some great pictures of, by the way. I loooove the show River Monsters and my boyfriend always watches that with me, too. (We also watch Once Upon a Time, if you must know, haha)
Well, so, the moral of the story is that I cooked food for my mom, as I had wanted to do last weekend. I made her try sardines with me yesterday. I got a French bread mini-baguette, sardines in olive oil and then spread the baguette with butter. Then we piled on the sardines and squeezed some lemon over top. Some whole-seed mustard over everything else and they were actually (somewhat surprisingly) delectable. I surprised myself by liking them! My mum wasn’t as big a fan as I was because she associates sardines with pet food (she feeds her dog and cat raw, and sardines are one of the many protein sources they get), but she slathered on the mustard and at least pretended to enjoy them!
After our sardines, we took a ride out to the City, shopped at the Union Square mall (I found a Cry-Baby shirt with a lovely portrait of Johnny Depp <3), and had sushi (where I tried soft-shell crab for the first time…not a huge fan of the “edible” shell thing…. Then this morning I made her my breakfast specialty: quinoa “pudding” which is just quinoa boiled and then drenched in (no, not butter this time) honey-flavored Greek yogurt, very tasty and creamy. Then we went back to the City, went for a walk, and hit the farmers’ market and the aquarium. It was pretty much the most awesome weekend I’ve had since Valentine’s Day with my boy. Which to be fair, wasn’t hard after the crap weekend and subsequent week I had last week/weekend. But it exceeded all expectations. My mum let me lead her around the City and I made all the decisions, except that she had to leave tonight…I wanted her to drive out tomorrow morning because I get nervous about her vision, driving at night. Neither she nor I can see very well when driving at night…
When we got back to my house (before she left me), I made her a surprise dinner. Well the dinner wasn’t a surprise, but she didn’t know what I was making until I was at least halfway through making it, which was the main point. I made my own toasts out of another mini-baguette, and grated a ton of Gruyere cheese to broil on top of the (if I may say so) yummy French Onion Soup that I slaved over. I also made Brussels sprouts roasted with cranberries and pecans, with some leftover Gruyere over top.
Long story short, I had a great weekend with great company and great food. This portends for a better week than last week.

The Sturgeon I made friends with.
The Sturgeon I made friends with.
Quinoa "Pudding"
Quinoa “Pudding”
My friend, the Giant Sea Bass
My friend, the Giant Sea Bass

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