I Need To Buy Parmesan and Other Reliable Facts

Garlicky Creamy Pasta Sauce, Chicken and Asparagus

Pasta Sauce and Tenderness

I don’t know how it gets to be so, but cooking really is therapeutic. I can have the crappiest day ever and it will always be better after I’ve cooked. I guess it helps knowing that recipes are easily found and easy to follow. Mostly the easily found part. It never fails that I can pick something to make for dinner if I look for a few minutes at a cookbook or my Pinterest food board!

Tonight though, I used my old standby, Supercook.com, to pick out a recipe. It was a simple garlicky cream pasta sauce. The blog the recipe was on even recommended accompaniments to pair with the pasta. So I made chicken and a green vegetable just as recommended, although I had asparagus, not kale in my refrigerator.

And though my sauce could have used perhaps more salt, and definitely the parmesan cheese I was missing, my chicken, and the asparagus turned out to be just what I’d hoped. Filling and delectable. I have to say that no, I did not eat all the chicken I put on the plate for the pictures. But I thought it would look better to have two pieces. And who the hell cares if I DO do that and then refrigerate the uneaten piece for leftovers? I certainly don’t! I’m going to make a salad with it, and my pecans and dried cranberries.

I have a 1lb box of baby greens in the fridge and I plan to eat ALL of it before it goes bad. So I’m having fruit and vegetable smoothies and salads all month long. Actually, probably only for the next two weeks…because vegetables don’t tend to stay crisp very long in my experience. But I’m going to feel healthy as hell because of it, don’t you think?

I’m still thinking of making some sort of dessert for tonight/this weekend because I have a can of sweetened condensed milk in my cupboard that’s been winking at me trying to get me to boil it for a caramel dip for the apples it’s sitting beside.


2 thoughts on “I Need To Buy Parmesan and Other Reliable Facts

  1. Looks fantastic!!! Are you making me din din tonight for my birthday? If you need me to hit the store before you arrive, send me a list, then we can go to Leatherby’s for dessert =)

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