Garlic Lemon Basil…Perfectly Baked Chicken!

…And Undercooked Potatoes

So I made a real dinner tonight, for the first time in a long while. I stuffed chicken legs with basil, put them atop a bed of raw garlic, and then put potatoes over that. Lemon juice and olive oil are drizzled over all that good stuff. Now it is sitting in a 350-degree oven as prescribed, and I have been waiting for it for not even half of the recommended 45-50 minutes.

I am impatient and hungry.

I have also decided to make a quick appetizer. Just some French bread, grape tomatoes, and more fresh basil, then some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, finally I cracked some salt and pepper over it all. That was delicious, and now my food is done cooking in that 350-degree oven. YAY!

Basil, Tomato, French Bread
Basil, Tomato, French Bread


Ugh. So the chicken was yummy-yum deliciousness! It was cooked perfectly. Still juicy and tender, but cooked all the way through, without a drop of pink in the juices. I love chicken for its adaptability and its propensity to take on other flavors. It is also tasty on its own fried in egg and flour but tonight’s chicken was simply lemon-y, basil-y goodness.

Lemon, Garlic, Basil, Chicken and Potatoes
Lemon, Garlic, Basil, Chicken and Potatoes


The potatoes on the other hand…not so perfect. I am thoroughly disappointed in the potatoes…they had such potential and they did not make good. Only a few bites out of all the potatoes came out even remotely cooked properly. The others were hard, dry, and just…yuck! I am saddened by said potatoes.



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