Good and Bad Complimenting Each Other Again

Chicken SaladAnyone Can Cook

Yes, anyone. But not everyone has the desire or the patience. Not everyone can keep up in a fast paced kitchen and multi-task properly to work in a professional kitchen or even make a holiday dinner. Not to brag, but I can multi-task. I think it’s really fun to work in a fast-paced kitchen. I get bored really easily when a task is too menial or I don’t have interesting coworkers.

The bad news

Laura Calder‘s show French Food at Home got taken off YouTube, which is where I had been furtively watching pirated episodes. I feel bad, but hey, I live in California, which is sadly the wrong “Ca” for FoodNetwork.Ca… Food Network really ought to just make Ms. Calder’s show available to US audiences…PLEASE???

The good news

I had an interview for a line cook/prep position today. I don’t want to mention names, but it’s a corporate restaurant which happens to be located in famous department store in a mall. A very, very large mall, in San Francisco. It would be a wonderful place to work and the head chef, who interviewed me, was very nice and seemed like exactly the kind of person for whom I could work. It seemed like the interview went well. Although, it didn’t feel very interview-y. As soon as the chef walked up I felt at ease, whereas I normally feel very nervous in interviews. I cannot wait to hear from them! I know there are a lot of other cooks with more experience than I’ve got, but he did say they like “green” cooks because they can train them the way they want to, rather than hiring people who may have bad kitchen habits because they’ve cooked in other professional kitchens. I only have two years of kitchen experience, and I also haven’t worked in a kitchen since May 2012, so I should be “green” enough. Cross your fingers my friends!!