New House, New Job, New Start

An Exciting New Chapter

Hey there! So, I’ve been going through a lot of changes recently, I’ve already written about my new job at the Cliff House, but let me update. It’s freakin’ awesome! I love all my coworkers already and everyone is so welcoming and kind and willing to teach me things. Nobody cares that I don’t have a culinary arts degree, or that it’s basically my first time actually cooking in a restaurant. Everyone is willing to help me out because they know (at the very least) that if I can do this stuff, it means less work for them. I really am just infatuated with my new career. I made a good choice to give up Grad School for this new life.

I also moved into my new home on the first. I’m really excited about that too because it means no more awkward feelings and no more stress over wondering if someone is going to go off on me for no apparent reason. I’m not totally enthused about the location at the top of a humongous hill, but it’s better than stress…Also, my roommates are decent people and not batshit crazy…

Basically, I’m having a great new start to my life, except for the fact that I apparently was blessed with a summer cold…ten days before my birthday….Not stoked about having to work like that, but there is a Walgreens down the way from my house where I’ll be getting some DayQuil on my way to work…Hopefully it will be less hellish today.