Braised Tofu in My New Home

And Veggies of Course

I never really cared for tofu before I moved to San Francisco. Apparently the manner of preparation is a huge factor for me. The flavor of plain tofu is definitively unspectacular. I did finally find a few ways that I do like it.
The relation of tofu to a sponge makes it a bit tedious to prepare as you have to squeeze the excess water out of it so that it will take on other flavors, but once you do that it is a pretty cool ingredient. You can do pretty much anything to it that you could do with meat, such as barbeque it, grill it, put it in soups (miso soup anyone?). I love it marinated with fruit and bell peppers and BBQ’d.
Another way I like tofu is called Braised Tofu, I’m not really sure what braising is supposed to be, but as I’ve found in most recipes, it seems to be pan frying then cooking in a liquid/sauce. I found a recipe online and made it as best as I could manage with the ingredients I had on hand.
I have to say that even with the recipe not being exact, I didn’t have green onions or sesame oil and I used coconut oil to fry the tofu instead of olive oil. But it turned out to be really great anyway!

Braised Tofu
Braised Tofu