Scallops in the Middle

So, I’ve been on hiatus from writing this blog pretty much since I started working at my current restaurant. I’m still working there, very happily. I’m sure my mom is the only person who reads this, but that’s fine. Hi Mom!
Anyway, yesterday, I got brave and decided to jump on the hot line and demand to be taught. Of course, my beloved coworker D. taught me everything that got ordered. Scallops and Mussels and Bouillabaisse are all now in my repertoire. Although, I’m sure I’d need a refresher course was I to have the opportunity to jump on the line again. I hope I will very soon.
Our scallops are bathed in butter and our mussels get happy in garlic, harissa, and beer. The bouillabaisse is just delicious. I’ll update when I really remember how to describe our duck breast. Yum!


One thought on “Scallops in the Middle

  1. Hi. Even when you have followers by the thousands, I will always be your biggest fan! I can not even express my delight in reading this post!!! I was thrilled just to see that you had made a post, but then to read that you took that leap out of your comfort zone, well, sniff sniff, your momma is very proud.

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