Strawberry Vinaigrette

I just made dinner for the first time in ages. And yes, you’re probably wondering….”um, Alex, you work in a restaurant, don’t you make dinner for people every night?” And yes, that’s a valid question. Very valid. Tonight though, I cooked myself dinner. Albeit, not a great one. But I felt creative again as I haven’t in ages because I didn’t have to create someone else’s dish for the thousandth time. Which, don’t mistake me, I love cooking in the restaurant scene, but this felt nice in very different way. I can see by looking at my recently published blogs that I haven’t cooked anything I found worth blogging about at home since last July….
That’s very sad to me. I like writing this blog almost as much as I like to imagine that I’m Julie Powell of the Julie/Julia franchise. And the fact that I haven’t felt inspired to cook for myself at home, even on my days off, since July, is downright sad. But I have a new lease on life right now. I dropped a lot of baggage a while back and now I’m in a great new relationship with myself and with my new boyfriend. So I’m going to be cooking for him at home more often. And I’m in the middle of a job search, about which I hope to write some notes, too. So I should have some more fodder for my blog from here on out.
Back to the title. I made strawberry vinaigrette tonight. Fresh strawberries, garlic and balsamic vinegar and a bit too much olive oil…But it’s still tasty! The salad itself was just spinach and fennel and chia seeds, but also tasty. I also cooked up some corn and reheated a bratwurst I braised in apple juice a few days back.