Random Thoughts on My Career Path

I sense a lack of passion in my life, which I am desperate to feel. Maybe I do have a passion, I suppose, which isn’t necessarily food, but people. I also still really would love to attend culinary school.


I like food television, seeing the passion on which other cooks thrive. I sense a lack of passion in my life, which I am desperate to feel. I know i’m looking for it in the wrong places. I love learning and reading and singing. I realize the third isn’t applicable to the work environment I love so dearly.  Maybe  I do have a work-related passion, I suppose, which isn’t necessarily food, but people. I crave interpersonal interaction. In restaurants, I get that, but I also get to work with food and the brilliant minds that create it. I think what I love is doing prep work because I feel like i’m supporting the team. At least I don’t like being on the line at my current pastry job, which may have more to do with my environment and not the actual job. At the Cliff House, I liked plating food. However, I also loved helping the men on the line, getting things from the walk-in refrigerator, or helping them with their prep work. I don’t know if this was simply a default because I loved the guys like family or because I wasn’t being trained to actually do the pastry prep work (I tended to get pushed aside by the tiny Asian women who didn’t have the time or patience for my inexperience).
I love acquiring new knowledge/information and I think I would love to involve traveling in my future job tasks. Trying new foods that could blow my mind would be amazing. Writing about food in some aspect, or researching stuff about food might allow me this luxury of travel. Otherwise, I’d love to help a restaurant thrive by maintaining a blog related to the daily goings-on of the restaurant, like whether there is a special du jour, direct from the kitchen. S0, I guess essentially working as a restaurant’s Director of Public Relations would be awesome.
I also still really would love to attend culinary school. I want someone to teach me how to be more efficient–faster, focused and engaged in what I am actually doing. I’m well aware that efficiency can be learned on the job, but I’ve yet to find someone willing to work with me, other than the wonderful Lauren at Seaglass. I stupidly left her to work in a fancier place for which I was yet again unprepared. I’m impatient to learn everything kitchens want me to know in the time it would take me to learn on the job. I made many mistakes in my life, but I don’t want to make the big one again. I didn’t go to culinary school after college; I went to graduate school. Sometimes I feel that I wasted the loan I took out for it because I did nothing with it and I withdrew from the university rather than completing my master’s program.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on My Career Path

  1. I like your thought process for working thru what career appeals to your strengths and interests. Kudos. And regarding grad school, I did the same thing — no degree, big debts — but I’ve (mostly) stopped feeling regret about it. I value the experience and likely needed that period to shape my future self. Although, I could do without that monthly student loan payment. 😉

  2. Nice to see you organizing your thoughts and feelings in deciding which direction to go. I know the loan is a burden, but if we learn and grow from all of the choices we make, life just gets better and better as we become better equipped to make wiser decisions in the future! Although I love to read your personal posts, I challenge you to add a post each week directly about food, as a critic or a director of public relations would. In addition, don’t allow someone who doesn’t have the patience for teaching off the hook, they are getting paid for the job so keep tactfully tugging on their shirt sleeves 🙂

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