unenthusiastic​ right now

Someone give me a push

I have a couple of jobs on the table right now, none of which I’m ecstatic about, but all of which would present me with different opportunities. Two would mainly be helping friends in need of pastry cooks, and the other would be good money while I continue the journey to becoming a restaurant marketing person: a professional who doesn’t have to wear a uniform or non-slips. not that I loathe my uniform or non-slip shoes, but I’m ready for something different, although I have one business opportunity in mind that would combine my favorite people and my favorite place. However, I’m not sold on that idea myself, nor would anyone else involved be interested if I’m not ready to pitch the idea. I’m most interested in being a front of house restaurant employee right now because that would enable me to go to classes and still make more money than I do on unemployment. In addition, I wouldn’t be nearly as bored as I frequently complain that I am.

push harder, please

I have a laundry list of things I wanted to do these past three months and that I never managed to get my ass in gear to do, even though I had no excuses whatsoever. I hate that about myself. I need outside motivation/impetus to get shit done, and I guess that being unemployed is just manifesting my laziest qualities. I’m not even sure why I haven’t done any of the things I’d been so excited about before Aziza closed. It makes little to no sense not to do things you were excited about. I used to be super excited to go to karaoke and then almost skive off at the last minute. Mostly, I’m enamored enough with karaoke that I usually go when I can, when I have the energy.



One thought on “unenthusiastic​ right now

  1. In Direct Sales when building everyone loves to bring on busy people because they get things done. I think the more spare time you have the easier it is to procrastinate. So just get your calendar out and start filling it up, with a commitment to stick to it! Put down your chores, job searching, education, facebook free time, playing with Jane… schedule everything and stick to it.
    As for the job, think about what’s most important before deciding. IMHO making $ and learning something valuable seem better reasons that being with friends, you can put time for that on your calendar 🙂
    Keep me posted 🙂

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